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The word "Majulah" is derived from the malay word "maju", which basically refers to the act of making progress or striving forward. Joined with the suffix "-lah", which is not found in any modern dictionary, yet so commonly used by all those from Singapore.


Here at Majulah Controls, we make all efforts to strive forward and make onward progress in the field we love, Instrumentation & Controls. We enjoy serving our customers from the process industries, with the best and latest technologies that the industrial automation world has to offer.


Founded in Singapore, naturally we come from many diverse ethnic and social backgrounds but we share a common set of values throughout all within our organisation. Regardless of age, seniority or nationality.


Integrity. Innovate. And to Never Settle.




With over 4 decades of experience in providing the automation industry with reliable field instrumentation & control systems, it's no wonder that customers continue to turn to SMAR. Founded in Brazil in 1974, SMAR consistently released to the market cutting edge devices, starting in 1991 with the very first pressure transmitter that had HART capabilities, PID control and flow integration all in one package. The LD301. 


SMAR is most well known in the automation industry for the company's leadership in FOUNDATION Fieldbus. Some notable achivements include:- 


  • First to release a compact, high performance smart transmitter;

  • First to incorporate control and mathematical functions in field devices;

  • First to launch a chip for the physical layer of the international FIELDBUS;

  • Very first commercial installation of FOUNDATION Fieldbus in 1994. First field control architecture. First redundant fieldbus solution. First PLC fieldbus integration. More info:


Majulah Controls is proud to announce that SMAR has appointed us as their Authorized Agent for Singapore from 2016.

SMAR Facts:


Year Established


Countries with presence


Field Instruments Installed


Rank in Brazil*
*According to US commercial services report 2006


Vivace Process Instruments

Vivace Process Instruments is a Brazilian company that provides products and services for industrial automation and control.


Vivace is composed of a multi-disciplinary team of experienced professionals, working within the automation and instrumentation market, having vast experience on project techniques, maintenance and installation, in addition to knowledge of various process segments such as sugar & ethanol, mining, oil & gas, paper & cellulose, food & beverage and others.


Some of Vivace technical competencies:


  • R&D team with experience in field devices and communication protocols (HART®, FF, Profibus, WirelessHART etc);

  • Experience on developing DTM/EDDL configuration tools;

  • Specialists on temperature, pressure, level, density, position measurements;

  • Experience on national and international automation market.


Vivace's product line includes:


  • Temperature Transmitters (Field, Head, Panel mounted);

  • HART/Profibus PA Comm. Interface (USB/Bluetooth/Android);

  • Signal Converters ( 4-20mA/HART/Profibus/FF);

  • Signal Conditioners.


More information at:


Majulah Controls is proud to announce that Vivace has appointed us as their Authorized Agent for Singapore from 2016.






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We're on the lookout for people who share our passion for Controls. To apply for a position with Majulah Controls, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

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