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Sugar & Ethanol

Brazil ranks number ONE in the world for sugar, with annual production in excess of 35 MMt. It stands to reason that SMAR, located in the center of the Brazilian sugar industry (SP), would focus its R&D efforts on solutions for sugar and ethanol (S&E) production.


SMAR's first control system in a sugar process was installed in 1979, to control the feed, crushing, and conveyor processes. Today 37 years later, countless instrumentation & control solutions can be found installed globally, reducing the operational costs and improving productivity of numerous S&E producers. 


Process cells that have benefitted include:


  • Cane Preparation

    • Cane Weight Measurement

    • Turbine Speed Control

    • Conveyor Belts Control

  • Cane Cutters

    • Bearings Temperature

    • Lubricating Oil pressure controls

    • Motor Command & Interlocks

  • Mill Tandems

    • Cane Level at 1st Tandem

    • Upper Roll Floatation

    • Turbine Speed Control

    • Imbibition Water Control

  • Diffusers

    • Cell Level Control

    • Cell Temperature Control

    • Imbibition Water Control

    • pH Correction

  • Juice Treatment

    • Sulphated Juice pH

    • Milk of Lime preparation

    • Mud Tank Level

    • Rotary Filter Control

  • Evaporators

    • Multiple Effects Evaporators Level Control

    • Syrup Brix Monitoring & Alarm

    • Vacuum in last Effect Control

  • Syrup Flotation

    • Syrup Flow & Temperature Control

    • Brix Monitoring

    • Additives Dosage Control

  • Vacuum Pans ( both Batch & Continuous)

    • Calender Steam Pressure Control

    • Masseicute Feeding Control

    • Vacuum Control

  • Crystallizers

    • Syrup, Molasses, Magma Tank Level

    • Molasses Dilution Control

    • Interlocks

  • Centrifuges (both Batch & Continuous)

    • Centrifuge Cycle Control

    • Dryer Air Temperature Control

    • Sugar Temperature Control



  • Fermentation

    • Must Flow Control

    • Fermentation Tank Level Control

    • Yeast Flow Control

    • Automatic Clean Cycle

  • Distillery

    • A,B,C & P Column Pressure Control

    • Anhydrous Alcohol Production Control

    • Columns & Condensers Temp. Monitoring

  • Storage Tank Farm Automation

The strategic alliance formed between SMAR and Majulah Controls, enables the delivery of this cutting-edge industrial automation to the sugar & ethanol producers in Asia Pacific (APAC) as well. 

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