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Control Systems Project


Engineering services include:

  • Project Management

  • Control System Documentation

  • Programming and HMI screens

  • Cabinet Design

  • Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)

  • Site Acceptance Testing (SAT)

  • Commissioning

  • Bill of Material that includes all equipment as well as original manufacturers’ part /model numbers

  • Support for integration of Control System to Third party packaged vendors



Project Organization


A project manager (PM) is assigned to coordinate all aspects of the project. This coordination includes but is not limited to, the project schedule, project management, engineering team organization, as well as communication. An engineering team comprised of a project engineer (PE), project technician (PT) and lead engineer (LE) provides all engineering services including documentation development, hardware ordering, system configuration, internal testing, factory acceptance testing, site acceptance testing and commissioning.


Factory Acceptance Test


A Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) is conducted to ensure the system has been developed in accordance with the approved drawings and design documentation. Prior to the FAT, all the hardware and (and software) is kept continuously energized for a period of at least 40 hours. During this period, the hardware is checked to for any component failures/alarms. Any failures and subsequent replacements are noted and in the factory acceptance test report.


All utilities, resources, space and consumables for carrying out the FAT are provided. The FAT also includes visual checks, insulation tests, accuracy checks of all inputs and outputs and functional tests, with simulation of all inputs, outputs and logic.


Upon completion of the project FAT, all parties sign the FAT report and all deliverables are packed and readied for transportation.


Field Service Assistance

The Technical Assistance and Support Department provide the following services:

• Electrical installations and instrumentation projects;
• Execution or supervision of instrumentation and electrical installations;
• Certifications for installation of analog or digital instrumentation;
• Pre-commissioning and commissioning of systems;
• Plant start-up follow-up and support;
• Assistance to the project operation;
• Support during plant outages for corrective, preventive and predictive maintenance;
• Emergency device support and repairs;



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