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Oil & Gas

SMAR applied its leadership in FOUNDATION Fieldbus in the Oil & Gas industry by commissioning the very first system to be used on an offshore platform.


The installed system on Petrobras PNA-1 measures natural gas pressure and flow, in addition to the control of the Compressors (auxiliary) and Hydraulic Unit for testing wells. 


Fieldbus technology was chosen due to its easy integration of all data generated by the system instruments, and its modern architecture, with distributed control located inside field devices.


  • Integration of plant and instrumentation air compressors

  • Integration of drinking water treatment systems

  • Integration of service water control systems

  • Treatment of dejected and oily water

  • Integration with HVAC system

  • Integration with SPPE (Emergency stop system)

  • Integration with platform control and power systems.


Apart from providing much more information in a fast more reliable manner, it also brings down costs of cables, cable trays, installation and maintenance. The time spent in commissioning/startup was also significantly reduced.


Other references on Oil & Gas applications include:

  • Custody Transfer (Gas/Liquid)

  • Gas wellhead production & telemetry (RTU)

  • Ammonia & Urea plant (DCS)

  • Platform Instrumentation

  • Sulphur Recovery (Refinery)

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