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Valve Control & Feedback

The ability of controlling your control valves and ultimately your process, hinges on the quality of the positioners. SMAR understands this and delivers the best in digital valve control.

FY400 Series

The FY400 Series is a device that converts an input electrical signal in position for control
valve or other final control element with pneumatic actuator that receives signals in 4-20 mA
current or in HART® protocol. Local configuration with magnetic tool, without need to open
the housing, makes it suitable for applications in hazardous areas.


Non-contact position measurement means no failure due to mechanical wear.


• Auto-tuning of the PID parameters;
• Partial Stroke test;
• Linear and rotary applications;
• Non-polarity power supply input;
• Travel: Linear Motion: 3 to 100 mm;
Rotary Motion: 30° to 120°;
• Pressure Supply: 1.4 - 7 bar (20 - 100 psi);

FY300 Series

The FY300 Series converts the input signals to pressure values, for the valve actuator to move
its stem to the more appropriate and accurate openings, in order to carry out adequately the
process control strategies. The FY300 Series is available in 4-20 mA or HART®, FOUNDATION™
Fieldbus, and PROFIBUS-PA technologies. The valve position is measured by a magnetic
sensor, without physical contact.


Non-contact position measurement means no failure due to mechanical wear.


• PST (Partial Stroke Test) configurable
• Linear Motion: 3 - 100 mm;
• Rotary Motion: 30° - 120°;
• Air pressure supply: 1.4 - 7 bar (20 - 100 psi);
• Flow Characterization: Linear, Equal Percentage, Quick Opening or configurable;
• Aluminum or 316 SST;


TP300 Series

The TP300 Series produces an output signal proportional to the displacement length of
mechanical equipment. The TP300 Series is available in 4-20 mA, HART®, FOUNDATION™
fieldbus, and PROFIBUS-PA technology options. Additionally, the TP290 is available in 4-20 mA
technology option. The TP300 can be used to measure linear or rotary displacements.


• Output signals: two-wire, 4-20 mA, HART®, FOUNDATION™ fieldbus or PROFIBUS-PA
technology options;
• Linear stroke: 3 to 100 mm;
• Rotary stroke: 30º to 120º;

TP400 - WirelessHART

The TP400 is a WirelessHART™ transmitter for position measurement and it is part of the
family of Smar devices. It can measure displacement or movement of rotary or linear type based
on Hall effect non-contact sensor. The digital technology and wireless communication provide
an easy interface between the field and control room and several interesting features that
considerably reduce the installation, operation and maintenance cost.


The TP400 WirelessHART™ may be installed to monitor valves and actuators position or in any equipment with linear or rotary motion such as skylights, dampers, rollers spacing, crushers, etc.

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