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Digital Indicators

Read your process variables safely in the field through SMAR's digital indicators. 

IR290 - 4-20mA Remote Indicator

The IR290 is a 4-20 mA remote indicator, used for monitoring analog variables in industrial
and laboratorial processes with an accuracy of 0.1%. The local adjustment via the magnetic
tool simplifies configuration done by the operators. It allows calibration from the 4-20 mA
signal as well as the factory backup configuration which is password protected. It has several
engineering units such as: mA, %, pressure units, temperature, flow, volume, density, etc.

IR303 - Remote Profibus PA Indicator

IR303 is a PROFIBUS-PA remote Indicator which works with any PROFIBUS-DP Class 1
master to display the output of remote PROFIBUS-PA devices. Up to eight cyclical variables from
either one device or eight different devices can be monitored. The IR303 is distributed on
the PROFIBUS-PA bus and allows the user to visualize devices at easy-to-access locations
without moving to the actual location where devices are installed, or entering difficult-to-access
or hazardous sites. It is a perfect match to work with the TT383 - Eight Input Temperature
Transmitter with Profibus -PA.

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