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AuditFlow - Flow Measurement System

Compliant with up to date international standards for custody transfer applications and flow
measurement systems, AuditFlow provides a comprehensive solution for Electronic Flow
Measurement. AuditFlow includes real time flow correction calculation, data security,
audit trail and support to measuring activities in order to fulfill every requirement for
configuration, parameterization and field network inspection.


• Custody transfer and fiscal measurement;
• Inmetro and NMi certification for liquid and gas in fiscal measurement and allocation measurement;
• NMi Certin B.V. certification in compliance with MID 2004/22/EC (OIML R117-1:2007, EN12405-1:2010, Welmec 7.2).
• Reduced uncertainty with the use of FOUNDATION™ fieldbus digital architecture, thus eliminating the A/D and D/A conversions of conventional systems;
• Compliance with ASME, OIML, GPA, ISO, AGA, API, EN12405-1 and Welmec 7.2 Standards;
• Supported flow meters: differential pressure, turbine, ultrasonic, positive displacement, Coriolis, VCone, Wafer Cone;

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