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SMAR provides accurate and reliable actuators to interface to final control elements, closing the loop on good control.

BFY-CL Coupling Device

BFY-CL is a coupling device for the FY family of Smar positioners, for final elements of control
and with strokes longer that 100 mm. The operation principle of BFY-CL is based on the oblique
split rule, reducing an original long stroke to a short one, orthogonal to the original travel.


• For use in ISO 6431 series cylinders;
• 100 mm to 1000 mm cylinder and ruler strokes;
• 63 mm to 160 mm cylinders diameters;
• Carbon and stainless steel materials.

ACP300 Series

ACP300 Series actuators are devices that receive an electrical signal and position their
stem in accordance with the received signal. Available in the 4-20 mA, HART®, FOUNDATION™
fieldbus, and PROFIBUS PA technology options for FY301, FY302, FY303 and FY400. Available
in the linear version, for 100 to 1000 mm displacements, or the rotary version.


• 20 to 100 psi pressure;
• Operation temperature: -20º to 80 ºC;
• Stroke available: 100 to 1000 mm;
• Auto Setup;

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